I am Astroged, Woofy's official photographer

What is WOOFY?

Woofy creates low-cost functional websites with a free platform provided by Google and manages social networks, but not only.

Woofy also deals with photography and design and has solid connections with local authorities, other web companies, artists of various kinds, YouTubers and influencers.

During the first year of activity we have acquired more than 25 customers between web sites and social networks, with a general total of 4735 users only for our web sites and a total of over 20.4 GB of published material.

We keep our web sites constantly updated, constantly check the analytics and plan targeted online campaigns.

We have introduced systems for booking and managing online services, such as table reservations for restaurants, but also Click & Collect for other shops and businesses.

In recent months we have adapted to Covid circumstances, improving our services and offering them free to our customers.

Woofy is also more, there are several projects under development, both on-line and off-line, which we think can really affect areas such as our province.

I am passionate about photography, I try to photograph the world around me I try to represent the feelings that nature causes me, and I want to share with everyone what I love about nature so...

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