Happy Sam is the crypto collectibles line created by AstroGed, the project will be divided into two parts, one with the simple Happy Sam with a colorful background, which will be distributed to large supplies (1000 copies) with a very low initial price.

The second line will be unique and rare, with backgrounds of places photographed directly by me in all my travels around the world.

The idea is to combine the art of photography with pixelart.

Happy Sam

Happy Sam Blue


Happy Sam Yellow


Happy Sam Purple


Happy Sam Red


Happy Sam Pink

(Coming soon)

Happy Sam Orange

Happy Sam Green

Happy Sam White

Happy Sam Dark

Only these 9 Happy Sam are part of the original collection, no more will be created!

Happy Sam "Rare Edition"

Happy Sam Around the world in pictures shoot by AstroGed

Happy Sam at Colosseum Rome

A little trip for Happy Sam to discover the eternal city Rome!

In this photo traveling to the Colosseum.

Name: Happy Sam at Colosseum Rome

Blockchain: Polygon

Price: 0.15 ETH

Supply: 5

Burned: 0

Happy Sam "Special Edition"

Christmas Happy Sam

A Special christmas 2021 edition

Name: Christmas Happy Sam

Blockchain: Polygon

Price: - ETH

Supply: 500

Burned: 0